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My favorite cartoon lion drawings come from the Disney's movie The Lion King. Do you remember little Simba from this cartoon? Well, in this drawing lesson you will learn how to draw a lion cub as cute as little Simba but in much more simple and easy way.

Can you believe it that this lion drawing was created with just two simple circles and some very basic shapes? If not, read on to soon find out.

For now, let's see what unique features we need to include in our drawings of this cat so that no matter what you do your sketch will still look like cartoon lions.

How to Draw a Lion from Pictures 

cartoon lion picturesIt is no wonder why lions are given the title 'King' of the jungle. The face (6) of this male cat is one of the most recognized animal symbol in human culture. All thanks to its unique mane (1). Even when you try to simplify your cartoon drawings and exclude many details, I recommend you still draw the mane so that it can't just be confused with any other cats in the family.

The next thing to jot down is probably the tail with dark color tufts (3), and lion's long muscular body with narrow and well-defined waist (2).

And finally, if you wish to make your cartoon drawings a bit more realistic, break the legs down into four separate shapes - just like this picture.

Cartoon Lion Drawing Step by Step

As I promised earlier, to draw a cool little lion cub we're only going to need two big circular shapes. The bigger one is for drawing head.

In the next step, add 2 pairs of oval shapes just like illustrated above - for 4 feet. Don't worry if you can't make the ovals look perfect. There is simply no need to, your lion will still look cute.

This lion cartoon illustration is so simple that you don't even have to draw full legs, just a curve line from one of the feet we just drew is fine. Add another curve for the tail and a water drop shape for the tuft.

So far everything should come out pretty easily and quickly. To draw the face: use lines, curves, a triangle and two small letters 'O'.

In this step 5 - before coloring- outline all the details to your liking, or use my lion drawings below as your guide. Whichever suits you best.

Now comes the most fun part - coloring your lion cartoon! I choose gold yellow and yellow orange. These colors tend to communicate happiness and joy. So what colors have you decided for your lion cub?

Also check out this interesting article about cartoon lions for some ideas to spruce up your imagination.

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