Cartoon House Drawing
in 7 Easy Steps

In this lesson you'll learn how to draw cartoon house that is very simple and easy to sketch, but not less cool, awesome and cute than any other fantasy or fairytale house drawings you've seen in storytelling books.

So are you excited? Let's get your pencil and paper ready and start drawing house cartoon that can be easily modified to make it your very own personal home to live in.

Step 1. Building House Frame

The first thing you should do is to sketch some perspective guidelines. They need to be very light, just like those blue lines you see in the picture to the left.

Then you can start raising a simple pentagon for the front wall of the house, followed by a slanted rectangle with curly sides to the right and another one with straight lines for the visible part of the roof.

Step 2: Drawing the Roof

As promised, this cartoon house is gonna be very easy, that's why I decided to just build a simple roof that look like those cute versions in old folktale children books.

All you have to observe here is following the basic house structure we created in step 1. Make it as curvy as you like, the more curved it is, the more cartoonish it will be.

Step 3. Open the Door and Windows

Your front door can just be a simple long rectangular shape with rounded corners at the top. Do the same for the loft window, but make it more like a square.

Now construct a slanted rectangle with another narrower version on top of it for your main window and it's shutter.

You can draw in the side windows of you wish, or leave it as plain wall.

Step 4. Drawing House Details

Time to give your drawing of cartoon houses some character.

To finish off the wooden door, sketch in few vertical lines to represent cracks and put the doorknob in place with a single circle to the left side.

Window frames can just be straight lines - in this case a plus sign for loft window.

The shutter of front window has decorated curtain, which you can easily draw like the shape of scallops.

Step 5. Chimney and Land Background

Now you need to raise a chimney to finish drawing cartoon house.

In this cartoon illustration, it's a basic slightly bent rectangle.

Your house need to stand on something, right? So let's draw in some wide horizontal arcs to depict the curly cartoon field. 

Step 6. Landscape Panorama

Our house cartoon is almost ready to move in.

No funny and lovely drawings should be without a bright cartoon sun and cute little flowers in the garden, don't you agree? 

This landscape background is a great example to show you how a modest style of drawing can truly bring about amazingly cool results. 

What a perfect drawing for both kids and adults, don't you think? This house cartoon is definitely full of bright summer colors. It's orange roof and warm red walls really make it a purposeful contrast between green land field and sunny light blue sky.

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