Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Lesson

Do you want to learn how to draw a cartoon giraffe? Great! Because in this drawing lesson I will show you some tricks to create a great looking giraffe with just 5 simple steps.

cartoon giraffe

But first, Let Me Warn You!!! If you haven't drawn many animals before, I strongly suggest that you try some of my other easier free drawing lessons first. As simple as it might seem, drawing a nice looking cartoon of giraffe is not a piece of cake. If you want to draw something that you can proudly show your family and friends, it does take some practice.

Having said that, I'm not trying to stop you from learning how to draw a lovely giraffe, like the one to the right ...don't you agree? Actually, grab that pencil and start this drawing challenge right now! Because challenges are our friends, they make us better at what we do.

Are you still keen? ...Yes? Awesome! Let's first observe a picture of real life  giraffe to find unique features of this African mammal before we draw a 'cartoonified' version of it.


Notes Before Drawing Cartoon Giraffe

First, everyone knows that giraffes are the tallest land-living animals, because they have extremely long necks (1) and legs (2).  Their heads (3) also look very unique with  distinctive horns (4). But otherwise they resemble horses' heads.

By the way, did you know that horns of male giraffes are bald on top while those of female have tufts of hair? In this case we have a picture of a female one. The last but not less popular feature of this animal is its skin (5), which is covered in large, irregular patches of yellow/black fur separated by white or dark yellowish brown colors.

Ok, I think we've pretty much covered the physical appearance of giraffe. Lets move on to drawing our cartoon.

Five Steps to Draw Cartoon Giraffe

You might have noticed that this animal look very similar to our four legs friends - horses, if they happen not to have horns and shorter legs, and necks.  So it might be a good idea to practice sketching horses first if you find this drawing lesson too challenging. The hardest parts to get right when you draw cartoon giraffes are legs and the head. I will explain that later as we progress.

Start with sketching lightly some basic shapes for the body, just two ovals with a curve in between. Then in step 2, draw 5 tetragons like the image below. Two long ones for upper forelegs and three shorter shapes for hind-legs. Add four circles at the bottom.

Your cartoon is taking shape. Now sketch four more rectangles for lower legs' parts, and again keep drawing more circles.

In step 4 add another 8 rectangular shapes for the feet and ... 'phew'... you are done with limbs. The details in the head then become very easy to draw. This is natural, whenever you try something challenging to your current drawing skill, all the previously learned techniques seem to become effortless. When that happens know... you have improved.

Now comes the trickiest step - finalizing your cartoon giraffe drawing. So far we've mapped out a pretty extensive framework for our giraffe, so smoothing out some lines and adding details shouldn't be too hard... If you drew the basic shapes in correct proportions and relative positions to each other in the first place.

Don't freak out if you don't get it right straight away. My giraffe cartoon took me some refining, especially down the legs, before I got it looking just like the drawings below.

So practice, practice, and practice! is the key. All the best with this giraffe drawing lesson!

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