Funny Cartoon Fruit Drawings

I must tell you that drawing cartoon fruit is really cool and it's aaaa- lot of fun. You better taste it for yourself.  I created in total 5 step by step tutorials showing you how to draw the most popular funny fruit on earth and how to bring them into life by turning these yummy food into animated cartoon characters.

But before you start practicing these cartoon lessons, let me give you some hints on how to make your animated fruit look lively and funny with few simple but effective drawing techniques.

First, have a look at my initial drawings of cartoon fruit:

cartoon fruit drawings

So here are my drawing tips:

First, the features you add to cartoon fruits, like eyes, nose, mouth- perhaps a smile, or any other details, all should work well together with your chosen plant. For example: elongated shape of banana might need some equal width-height shapes to balance it out, like circles.

Second, coloring is also important. The best way to develop coloring sense is by actually experimenting with different mixes and combinations until you're happy with the outcome. This is best done if you use graphic software to draw. Later on, good coloring skill will just come by as your second nature.

Ok, so that's my two hints for learning how to draw fruit, or just about any plants. Now grab your pencil and lets start creating funny fruit cartoons.

Easy Drawings

cartoon-banana-btFunny Cartoon Banana
This cartoon banana is the easiest one to draw. And it's funny too!

cartoon-orange-btSweet Cartoon Orange Fruit
Learn how to draw this cool cartoon orange in just 4 easy steps.

cartoon-strawberry-btDelicious Strawberry Cartoon
This strawberry cartoon is really delicious and easy to draw! A drawing that can be put into gift and love cards.

cartoon-tomato-btA Little Cartoon Tomato
This little tomato cartoon is so adorable that I almost would never feel eating any tomatoes again!

Intermediate Drawings

cartoon-apple-btExcited Cartoon Apple Fruit
This is no doubt a cute curious looking cartoon apple. See how you can make this green apple drawing in few simple steps.

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