Drawing Cartoon Frogs

Dancing Like Crazy

Cartoon frogs are one of the most sought after animals to draw.

cartoon frogs

Frogs are very famous for their exceptional ability to jump, and are definitely very talented at "dancing". In this cartoon drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw a dancing frog!

But before we start, lets see what shapes are distinctive to this animal an how we can easily turn such a lovely creature into crazy dancing star.

Basic Frog's Shapes

From the picture below, we can clearly see that the main body of the frog has an elongated egg shape, slightly pointy where the head is (1). Its skin is normally designed to camouflage, that's why most are of green color with dotted-leaf looking like prints. This animal also has very big eyes which seem to pop out just at the very top of its head (2). Most importantly, frogs have long and strong back legs (3) which helps them to move very quickly in order to catch prays and run away from predators, and also to "dance"!

The feet can vary greatly from species to species, depending where the frog lives: ground, in burrows, in trees or in water. Those who live in the water have webbed toes just like in this picture (4), while others - in trees have "toe pads" to grip vertical surfaces. Frogs living on ground usually have toes with little to no webbing or any kind of pads (5). So you might as well decide what kind of cartoon frogs to draw up front and make it look appropriate. Ok, I think we got the basic shapes down, now comes the fun part.

How to Draw a Cartoon Frog Step by Step

In step 1, draw a simple line about 45 degrees. Then sketch an oval -egg shape for the body. Then add a circle so that the oval cuts it right in the middle to position your cartoon frog's head.

In step 2, sketch out some lines with triangles at ends to create some directions for legs and arms. If you look closely at the picture above you will notice that the lines are basically a variation of V shapes placed at different angles.

Next in step 3, you can start drawing simple oval shapes to determine the thickness of the legs and arms.

Your drawing of cartoon frogs is getting nearly done! In this illustration I decided that my frog would have some fancy eyewear. So I just added two easy triangles and a smiling curve for the face detail in step 4.

Lovely! Now that you got all the basic shapes drawn, start outlining until you are totally happy with your cartoon drawing. Then simply erase unnecessary shapes we used as guidelines and ...Olha! You just created a crazy dancing frog drawing! Feel free to color it any way you want. Do you like the way I drew it? If you do, why not use the same colors! It's all up to you in this final step 6.

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