Cartoon Fireworks Drawing

cartoon fireworks

An exciting colorful cartoon fireworks for any explosive holiday occasions, be it New year, Christmas, or simply for fun! This is definitely a very easy and enjoyable cartoon lesson for you to try. So grab your paper with drawing tools quickly and let's get your hands on drawing fireworks.

The medium I suggest you use to draw this fireworks cartoon are either color markers or felt pens, as they can create really sharp lines and fill in bright colors pretty fast - exactly what we need for firework drawings.

How to Draw Fireworks Step by Step

This cartoon fireworks rocket drawing begin with two basic geometric shapes - a triangle and a long rectangle. Sketch them very lightly with your pencil as we're gonna erase them right after this frame construction step.

Now transform your rocket  into cartoon illustration by outlining it with curves and creative irregularities. Next up - draw big combusting "BANGS" exploding in the sky. This somewhat resembles comic style drawings of firework bombs and explosions - sharp serrated multi-corner stars.

And don't forget to draw the rocket's bursting fire on its back. To make it an easy drawing, you can turn your artwork upside down and imagine as if you were drawing fire from cigarette lighter. Also check out my how to draw flames lesson where I show and explain to you different types of flames, including skyrocket flames. 

Add to your fireworks drawing more decorative details, such as: inner outlines for explosive BANGS and the fire burst, and stripe ribbons wrapping around rockets cone. 

You can be as much creative with your cartoon firework drawings as you wish, so feel free to try different shapes and details of your own to create uniquely 'you' artworks. 

Once you're done sketching the basic outlines, it's time to give your fireworks cartoon a personal character!

In this case, I simple drew the face details with oval eyes, a curve line slanting upwards for the nose, and a smiling expression with a solid 'V' shape on an angle. 

I also put in sparkling stars to make this cartoon drawing of fireworks even more interesting and cool. 

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