Cute Cartoon Elephant Drawings

Have you seen such a cute cartoon elephant like this one before? Guess what? It didn't take me very long at all to draw this cartoon image. If you'd like to learn how to create similar elephant drawings easily, you're only few steps away.

This one is a baby elephant.  I love newborn animals, don't you? One of the most enjoyable part in drawing infants is that it is delightfully rewarding to just contemplate at the finished artworks.

If you've never drawn an elephant before, it will help a lot to know how it looks like in details, so let's start with a picture of this animal before we draw.

How to Draw Elephants From Studying Photos

how to draw elephants pictureWhat is in your mind when someone reminds you of an elephant? Do you see its funny long trunk (3), flapping big ears (1), or some huge curly tusks (2)? Did you know that familiar elephants greet each other by entwining their trunks, just like we do handshake?

For drawing cartoon elephants the three distinctive features above are probably enough, but you might as well add some other features like their great straight pillars legs (4) and round feet with nails (5). Of course don't forget that this mammal is MASSIVE! So its body is quite rounded and very full.

Ok... lets move on and let your pencil take over!

Drawing Cartoon Elephants Step by Step

Just like many other cartoon animals drawing lessons, we will start by sketching out the framework for our cute baby elephant with some very light strokes. In this case, draw two circles - one for main body and one for the head of slightly smaller size. Map out with some dotted lines first if that helps.

Then in step 2 (again, if you need to, draw the lines first) add one more circle for the right hind foot, one oval for the second foot and another tiny oval to mark the trunk.

Next, like in the picture below, connect the previously mark out trunk's shape with the head's circle using two simple curve lines, with more curvature at the top one. Add some shapes for elephant's ears by drawing half crescents to either side of the head. Create some more curves for front legs and you are done with step 3.

In step 4 you might want be more creative and design your own unique cartoon elephant's look. Change, add or remove whatever details to your liking. If you don't want to change anything - just keep it as in the illustration above. Either way is fine, go for it!

Now your frame work is finished, Start outlining your carton drawing and erase all unnecessary guidelines we used in previous four steps, to prepare for coloring! Oh... and don't forget to draw two nostrils where the trunk ends.

What colors are you thinking of?  Blue? Gray? Brown? ... All up to you. Experiment and see what are some other great color combinations can you come up with!

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