White Cartoon Clouds Drawing

What a sunny day to draw cartoon clouds! Don't you agree? Today I will guide you through five steps on how to draw clouds the super easy and super simple cartoon way! 

Have you ever wondered how white cloud cartoon can be drawn on white paper and still look like fluffy clouds without appearing to be rainy? Well... at the end of this free drawing lesson you will see how I actually used light sky blue and some grey colors to give an illusion of soft and puffy clouds.

Sketching Cartoon Clouds Framework

I figured out that to start clouds drawings, be it of realistic style or of cartoonish version-like in this tutorial, you simply need to sketch the main circle, which serves as cloud's body. And then add to its sides two or three more smaller circles and/or ovals.

It doesn't matter where you position these shapes, it's actually best to keep them random, as that's how water vapor forms into clouds anyway.

Adding Fluffy Details to Your Cloud Drawing

Now is the really fun part of this clouds cartoon lesson. When inking the outlines as in the picture to the right, you should be totally relax and just let your creative part of the brain take over and guide your drawing hand.

The better you become at learning how to draw intuitively, the more interesting and more personalized your cartoon clouds become.

As you create this cloud drawings, try to feel it... and then... be one with it. Don't think rationally, it will only spoil your true creative expression.

Perhaps some fluffy bits will turned out smooth and soft all the way, while others have irregular curvatures - it is all good to keep it in that fashion. Just draw, and let it come out naturally.

Drawing Cloud Cartoon Face

Time to add some personal touch to your cartoon drawing.

This is when you should try experimenting with different shapes and lines to come up with your very own funny, cute, or simply happy smiling cartoons of clouds.


After you finished drawing the face details, start erasing all the unnecessary framework guidelines we created in the first step.

You can ink this white cloud with ball point pen or blue marker if you wish. It makes the erasing job much easier than trying to avoid pencil lines.

As I promised, the illustration above is a good example of how you can use light blue colors to actually give impression of white clouds. The trick here, is to soften transitions between you shading tones, either by smudging or diluting the graphite with some clean water from your brush.

I even used purple to create interest points in the eye areas. So why not try these cloud drawings with some pink, or perhaps yellow, and see how it goes.

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