Cartoon Christmas Tree Drawings

Time to sparkle our holiday with interesting drawings of cartoon Christmas tree. In this tutorial you'll learn how to draw Christmas trees that are evergreen and full of bright colorful ornaments and decorations.

This cartoon lesson has in total seven drawing steps. But don't worry if you think it's complicated, each step is pretty easy to draw. For complex objects, like some Christmas ornaments I even created separate tutorials showing you just how they are done.

With that said, just grab your pencil and let have some fun drawing cartoon Christmas trees.

Basic Framework for The Tree

As you see, this ever-green cartoon tree is really simple, it's just drawn from a single triangle with a square down the bottom for tree trunk. Whatever you sketch on the left, repeat the same on the right so you end up with a symmetrical tree.

Drawing Christmas Tree Ornaments

Most of Christmas trees have either an angel or a star at the top. Just to make this lesson easy for you to draw, I decided it would be a five corner star. If you have difficulty drawing it, check out my how to draw a star tutorial, in which I show how to sketch 5 even corners - all by hand, the very easy way.

Then you need to put in some tree decoration lights - in this cartoonish drawing they are really just ovals and circles drawn in chains that wrap around the tree.

Now you can start decorating your cartoon Christmas tree with some wickedly cool ornaments. I've drawn two glass spheres and two snowflake ornaments as shown in the picture above.

Continue adding some more Christmas tree's decoration gifts, like: a bow and sweet candy cane - there is a drawing lesson for this stuff, stockings, and even some more cartoon looking stars.

To make your Christmas cartoon tree look even more interesting, consider drawing some light reflections from shiny tree decorations. And to wrap it up, sketch some loops hanging just above each of the Christmas tree ornaments you just drew.

So that's it for this 7 steps tutorials on how to draw a green holiday tree. feel free to check out my other lesson on drawing an animated cartoon tree.

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