Little Cute Cartoon Chicken Drawing

Everyone is familiar with domestic chickens, so drawing this little cartoon chicken will be a lot of fun and enjoyment. I have made this step by step guide on how to draw chickens so easy and simple, that anyone who has never even held a pencil before, should be able to quickly make up a beautiful illustration of baby chick in less than 5 minutes.

So let's get your drawing tools ready to transform this lovely tiny and adorable creature into paper! 

Chicken's Body and Head Shapes

Your chicken drawing can start with nothing but two simple circles or slight oval shapes. Keep the lines as irregular as you wish, the main focus here is to enjoy while you draw.

The best chicken illustration might just come out as a result of intuitive drawing, which means letting your hands flow freely in the paper and just allow them to express your artistic taste.

Using you right creative brain while sketching is the key ingredient to adding flavors to your chicken drawing.

Cartoon Chicken Wings, Tail and Thighs

Let's add some other details to your cute baby chicken cartoon!

Begin with the tiny little wing that looks like the shape of a tree leaf. You can be as creative with your chicken's wing as you wish. Draw more details if you like: e.g. flight feathers and puff wing bar. I just wanted to make my cartoon simple, so I drew it as one single solid shape.

Now draw the two thighs - one in the front pointing backwards, and the other just showing through a little bit.

And don't forget to put in cartoon chicken's tail - short and puffy looking tail of a few days old chick.

Finish Chicken Drawing: Eyes, Beak, Shank-Spur-Claws

Let's wrap it up. My example shows you how to draw a chicken as a chick, but if you wish to draw a mature bird - fully grown chicken, then just reduce the head size and add some distinctive features of a domestic chicken, like: red comb and wattle, fluff on the back of thighs , longer tail and bigger wings.

Ok, back to our cartoon chicken baby. Now is the time to finish up some tiny details such as: eyes - egg shape ovals; chicken beak - 2 triangles; and the legs, which are compromised of shank - right after thigh part, then followed by spur and finally the claws.

Let's give a breath of life to your lovely chicken cartoon by filling it with bright warm yellow colors, that smoothly transition from bright cream tone in the light areas to darker egg  palettes in the shadow parts of the chicken's body.

You can draw the eyes with emerald green and the legs in earthy brown, just like the picture of cartoon chick drawn in here.

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