Fantasy Cartoon Castle Drawing

Cartoon castles are easily one of the most sought after fantasy art to create. Something really fun to draw too! Castles appear in most of fairytale stories. So obviously, your cartoon drawing collection won't be as complete without them.

To add to this sweet fantasy feast, I decided not to make this tutorial a step by step lesson. Instead, I'll show you how to spark your creativity and use a very simple technique to create thousands of cool looking castles, over and over again! An unique castle drawing - every single time!

Block Building Cartoon Castle with Geometric Shapes

block building cartoon castles

Just like how castles are built block by block using rocks, I found it really cool to try drawing them using the same technique!

It worked amazingly well. All you have to do here is create a variety of different shapes, for example: flat bottom for square/ straight line structures, and curve base for round towers and columns.

You can, of course, be creative, and design more shapes than what I drew in this castle picture.

Putting It All Together

cartoon castle sketch

So here is my sketch of a fairytale castle, perhaps not as 'fairy-fantasy' as Disneyland's version, but this medieval castle is really easy to draw.

I started by drawing castle walls - just a simple rectangle, then I kept adding exactly the same blocks I showed you above, without having to even change anything.

Just play around with different shapes to build your own cartoon castle from bottom to top, until you're totally happy with your castle designs.

Why not try building even bigger larger stone castles?  Mine is only an example, so use it as your guide.

Simple Castle Cartoon Drawing

simple castle cartoon

Castle rock is usually found in greyish colors, some with earthy brown tones. In this castle drawing example I decided to go with a little bit of blue just to make it look more like cartoons.

If you just wanted to achieve very simple cartoonish look, this will probably make it as the final drawing.

If on the other hand, you want to draw a more vintage looking version, I'll show you how to make it appear old in the next step.  

How to Draw Old Castle

how to draw old cartoon castles

It is actually a good idea to plan it out from the beginning if you wanted to create old medieval cartoon castles. It just makes life a lot easier. The trick here is to use paper with rough surface, just like one of those watercolor papers. The wooden texture in itself will help make your castle's walls, towers and gates appear old without any effort from your part. This is especially true if you draw with dry paint technique, be it watercolor, gauche, acrylic or oils. Color pencils, however, are less responsive to this effect. 

Finished Cartoon Castle Drawing

cartoon castle drawing

Ok, so here is my finished drawing of a fantasy castle.

Note how I shaded it a bit more in the dark areas whether there are falling shadows from stone walls and castle towers. This extra detail just gave it enough depth definition to appear more like three dimensional structure.

I also used some wide grey strokes on top of it to create castle's brick/stone texture.

You can make your castle cartoon look even more cool by painting in some green grass or valley on the ground, and coloring the background with light blue sky!

Also if you're a craft hobbyist as I am, make sure to check to make a Paper and cardboard castle with complete instructions and download to make a paper castle. There are lots and lots of other really cool and interesting art projects you can do as well.

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