Cartoon Bee Queen
Drawing Step by Step

cartoon bee

Ok, I am very excited. In this cartoon bee drawing lesson I will show you just how easy it is to draw a gorgeous looking queen bee by building up your cartoon illustration step by step with simple geometric shapes.

My guess is that you have probably seen real life honey bees flying around, at least once, lately. And you probably took care not to mess up with them, as obviously, it's not very flattering when someone gets that big swollen spot from being stung by a bee! Anyway, have you noticed how it looks like? In details? If not, let's start examining basic shapes for our cartoon drawing.

Interesting Honey bee Observation

When drawing cartoon bees you don't have to include all of the detail observations below. It's actually better sometimes to keep your drawing simplified. But as the matter of fact, a good observation is always helpful.

Being flying insects, bees have very big compound eyes (1) which almost cover their whole heads. However, just like most insects, bees are short sighted. Their compensation is a pair of very sensitive antenna (6). Next to the head is the thorax (2) - this body part of the insect is where all 6 legs (5) are attached to.

A real bee has 2 pairs of wings growing from the thorax, which are so close to each other that it appears as though there is only one pair (4). In most of cartoon bee drawings the wings are simplified to just 1 pair, because, at least, that's how most people think it is. And the last, but the most recognizable feature of honey bees is their striped - usually black and yellow - abdomens (3).

How to Draw Queen Cartoon Bee Steps

Step 1: draw a line leaning slightly to the right and create and oval shape for bee's abdomen. Then draw another line, but this time leaning to the left and make a circle for the thorax.

Step 2: you can now erase your first drawn line. Start adding a smaller circle on top of the one we just created to draw the head - still on the same remaining line. Next, mark the thorax's circle middle point (on the line) and from there sketch out two other lines spreading to either sides. Use them to draw two ellipses for your cartoon bee wings.

Step 3: now you can delete all the lines, as from this point they aren't necessary anymore. This makes your cartoon sketch much cleaner and it is easier to see how your queen bee is taking form. After that you can start drawing arms with lines and triangles at ends. Don't worry, the picture below might look complex, but when you start sketching them one by one it's pretty simple and easy.

Step 4: give your cartoon bee some big eyes, a smiling curve, two cute antenna and of course a queen's crown. As you can see in the bee drawing above, the eyes are just simple ovals, antenna have small circles at each end and the crown shape is drawn from a tetragon with the top side longer than the bottom one. You are now done with the basic shapes.

Step 5: now it's the time to finalize your drawing by smoothing out the lines and adding the final details. To make cartoon bee drawing look more interesting, add some smaller ellipses inside the wings, draw the stripes on the bee's abdomen, and draw tiny hearts (up side down) on the thorax to make it look like your cartoon queen bee is wearing a royal gown.

Step 6: Coloring is fun and very interesting to do, especially in this queen honey bee drawing, because you have so many little shapes to color. Let your imagination rule and see what you can come up with!

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