A Tropical Cartoon Banana Fruit

cartoon banana

This cartoon banana is the easiest one to draw in the my series of five cartoon fruit drawings. So if you have always wanted to learn how to sketch fruit plants, this tutorial is a great one to start with.

Before you start drawing this cartoon, lets check out some cool things about this fruit. Here are some cool facts about bananas:

  • Most are eaten as a snack, part of cocktails, or cereal breakfast in the morning.
  • A cluster of bananas consists of 10 to 20 bananas, they are called hand and fingers respectively.
  • It's very nutritious, having five times more of vitamin A and iron than apples.

Ok, are you ready? Grab your pencil now and let's see how your cartoon bananas will turn out!

Step 1 - How to Draw Banana Fruit

how to draw bananas

I bet you must have seen a banana at least once in the last few days, so sketching out it's shape won't be a big deal, right?

I usually like to start from the bottom of bananas. Create two arcs that are slightly different in curvature. Do you remember how half moon shape look like? Well, you can draw this banana cartoon using the same shapes. Just make the width of upper half banana a bit bigger than the lower half.

After you've done that, just connect the two arcs at top and bottom with some irregular curve lines to finish drawing this banana.

Step 2 - Sketching Banana's Stem

banana sketch

Now add another arc just in the middle of the two we've drawn in the first step. This will give some definition to your cartoon banana sketch.

To draw the big 'chunky stem', first outline a long rectangle that's wider at the top than its bottom. You can actually curl one of its side as I did in this banana drawing illustration.

Then draw a straight line in the middle of this rectangle to give it some three dimensional feel.

Step 3 - Cartoonize Your Drawing of Banana

drawing banana cartoon

The fun part begins here! This is the step where you can be really creative and just let your imagination tell you what to draw.

I like to keep my banana cartoon simple, so I only drew two circular eyes for its upper half of the face.

You can also add a bit of detail down the bottom as I did, again, to emphasize on this fruit's three dimensional quality.

Step 4 - Final Cartoon Banana Drawing

cartoon banana drawing

As I said, I just wanted to draw simple cartoons of banana. So to finish this drawing, I drew some swirly shapes inside eyes' circles. Basically, they are just 'one and a half times -turns' spirals, which happen to look very similar to Chinese Yin Yang symbol once drawn.

This banana's mouth is really simple too. The upper line is a horizontal 'S' shape, followed by an ark shape on the lower half. That's how easy it is to draw a smile.

Your drawing of a cartoon banana is now done! What's left is bring it to life with bright yellow color and some shading on the back. Have fun!

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