Draw a Funny Cartoon Apple Fruit

cartoon apple

This is no doubt a cute curious looking cartoon apple. Let's see how you can easily make this sweet delicious green apple drawing in just few simple steps.

So have you drawn a funny cartoon like this one before? If you have, this certainly will be a great addition to your collection of animated fruit characters. If not, I'll show how easy it is to sketch this apple cartoon even if you've never drawn one before.

Step 1 - Drawing Apple Fruit

how to draw apple

The shape of this cartoon apple is really simple to draw. First sketch a circle and then start making it irregular at the bottom and the top - where you insert a petiole with acute tip.

For now, we're only drawing one simple leaf, but just in case you want to create more realistic look, apple leaves have serrated margin and a slightly downy underside. 

Did you know that apples usually have 5 seeds? Fortunately, that doesn't concern us in this case, unless you're planning on drawing apple slices cartoon. The thing to note down, however, is the smooth skin, which you need to pay attention to when we begin coloring.

Step 2 - How to Draw Apple Cartoon Face

drawing cartoon apple face

Ok, this is really cool! I love animating fruit plants, especially those we encounter on daily life, like peach, grapes, apricot, banana, orange, strawberry, and ...apple, of course!

So drawing a face for your cartoon apple should be quite easy and simple, after all, we're so familiar with it.

I started by drawing a nose with an unfinished oval, like those of clowns. Then I drew the eyes using shapes similar to windows of old castles. Or you can just imagine it as an unfinished oval with flat bottom. The mouth is a simple triange with curved lines to create a smile.

My apple's face is only a guide, so feel free to try different things on your own and see how it works.

Step 3 - Adding Extra Details to Your Apple Drawing

cartoon apple drawing details

Now to give depth to your character's eyes, draw another two circles inside each oval we drew in step 2, with one fitting inside the other.

If you want your carton apple to look down, like I did, draw those circles close to the bottom left of the big flat ovals.

Your apple drawing now needs some shoes! I found those pairs of boots from Santa Claus suit it quite well. 

To draw the left boot, begin with a top half circle, then bring it down to flat horizontal line from the left end. Curl it up at the back and add the extra fluffy bit of fur. Drawing the right boot than gets really easy, just follow the curve of the left one.

Step 4 - Drawing Cartoon Apple's Arms and Legs

draw cartoon apple arms

I thought it would be best to keep this simple.

Because we drew the shoes quite close to apple body, you only need to sketch three slightly curved lines from them to draw the legs.

To create 'cartoonish' looking arms, first put in two small ovals, one at 45 degrees, one vertical. Then simply connect these two ovals with two 'V' lines and you're all set.

Step 5 - Finish Cartoon Apple Drawing

finished cartoon apple sketch

In this final step, we're going to give our funny apple some human hands.

Just draw them as you would draw people's hands, with whole five fingers each.

Later I will create a hand drawing lesson, so watch out for it if you find it hard to get these cartoon hands looking right. 

So that pretty much wraps up this drawing of an apple. My suggestion would be to use fresh green color for your apple's body, but rest is up to you. 

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