How To Draw Cartoon Animals

Drawing cartoon animals is one of the most exciting and easy way to develop artistic skills. Learn how to draw wild animals from the far end of freezing Antarctic continent to extremely hot places where cartoon jungle animals reside!

In most of cartoon drawings under this category we will be first examining real life photos to identify each animal's distinctive feature - something I like to call "itness".

Then we will do some frameworks to break everything down to four simple shapes: circle/oval, square/rectangle, triangle and lines. This process will help you recognize important elements of your subject. The same time you can freely express and develop your own personal drawing style.

Learning how to draw cartoon animals is actually quite easy with step by step tutorials. And you still have the freedom to create just about anything you wish the way you want it, be it scary wolfs, tigers or cute and lovely creatures like penguins, rabbits, etc. I certainly enjoyed making these cartoon drawing lessons. So hope you find them easy to follow and have some great time practicing your skills.

Ok, I think I have talked enough, lets cut through the cake and have some fun drawing animal cartoons.

Easy Drawings

cartoon-chicken-btLittle Cartoon Chicken
This is a super easy and simple cartoon chicken for everyone to try. You'll be shown a little baby chick that's so cute and adorable.

cartoon elephant linkDraw a Baby Cartoon Elephant
Little cartoon elephant drawings are so cute that your friends might ask you for a few to take home.

cartoon frogs linkDrawing Cartoon Frogs
In this free drawing lesson you'll learn how to draw a crazy dancing cartoon frog!

cartoon lion linkLearn How to Draw Cartoon Lion
Have you always wanted to create cute lion drawings? Well, this is it, the king of the jungle waiting for you!

cartoon-panda-btHow to Draw Cartoon Panda
A cute cartoon panda drawing lesson. Learn to draw a panda bear cartoon climbing a forest tree and chewing bamboo shoots!

cartoon-penguins-btDraw a Lovely Cartoon Penguin
Wondered how to draw cartoon penguins the easy and fun way? Try this out!

cartoon-shark-btHow to Draw a Scary Cartoon Shark
Cartoon shark is super easy to draw. Even if you never drew a fish before, making shark drawings like this is a piece of cake!

cartoon-turtle-btDraw a Cute Cartoon Turtle
An easy and quick tutorial on how to draw cartoon turtles. Learn to create turtle drawings in matter of minutes!

Intermediate Drawings

cartoon-bee-btA Lovely Queen Cartoon Bee
Have you been looking for something different than drawing ordinary honey bee? This is for you - A Beautiful Cartoon Bee.

cartoon-giraffe-btCartoon Giraffe
This giraffe cartoon can't wait for you to start practicing some serious drawing skills! So grab your pencil now!

cartoon-turkey-btCartoon Turkey Drawing
Short of Thanksgiving ideas? Try this happy cartoon turkey in which I demonstrate to you step by step on how to draw really cool turkey cartoon the easy, simple and yet creative way.

cartoon-wolf-btA Sneaky Cartoon Wolf
Learn how to draw a wolf cartoon like the one in Italian folktales!

If you are looking for coloring pages, you might want to try Easy Coloring Pages. They have some cool drawing of animals that you can print out at home and color.

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