Christmas Candy Cane

I love eating sweet candy canes, don't you? In fact, in our family, it's been not a single occasion when we did not get Christmas candy gift as presents for New Year.

Apart form being great sweets to eat, candies are in no doubt excellent to use as Christmas candy decorations. They look bright and eye catching, always full of fun and happy colors.

So in this lesson I will show how to draw candy cane ornaments, the ones they often sell in gift shops to decorate trees and houses during New Year. It has a big beautiful bow with some really colorful decorations.

First Three Steps - Candy Drawing

candy cane drawing with stripes

First, start by sketching a single-line hook just like the first picture above. This will be the outer line for the candy drawing.

In step two, draw the inner curve following the arc we just created in step one. What's left are just few candy stripes, which you can draw using skewed rectangles that have slightly curly sides as illustrated above.

Add a Bow and Color Your Christmas Candy Cane

To draw the bow, first sketch the bow tab (the center bit). Then outline the bow itself on either sides with puffy triangle shapes.

After you have done that, put in the ties hanging just from where the bow was attached to our sweet Christmas candies. You now can add more details, such as fabric fold lines and creases to finish it up.

I colored this candy drawing with some bright red and green-blue stripes, and red-orange bow with ties. This will look really good as a stand alone artwork or to use as part of you Christmas decoration. So best of luck!

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