Arts Links

In this Page you'll find the list of some quality arts related sites. Feel free to browse around for other cool art projects or just interesting articles.
Make a Paper and cardboard castle - Complete instructions and download to make a paper castle. + lots and lots of other really cool and interesting art projects you can do.
Some cool video tutorials on how to draw cartoons.
A great site for kids with lots of fun art projects ranging from drawing to many other cool craft ideas and cartoon coloring pages.

Realistic Pencil Drawings
A really cool website by Reuel. He shows you how to draw very realistically with lots of pencil drawing tutorials. Especially sketches of flowers and roses.
Jewelry Making Supplies, Inspirations and techniques - A Resource Guide for Artist and Jewelry Designers

Cartoon-Web Services
Specializes in cartoon, humor, illustration, creative designing, graphics, drawing art, panel cartoons, comic strips, political cartoons for advertising, greeting cards, animation, children books, magazines and journals.

Improve your heart and your art with church-musician-jobs.

An image gallery and collection of information and arts related resources all about vampires.

Painting ideas and techniques
For art and interior design. In case you might want to turn your drawing skills into painting skills. It has info on color theory basics, oil- acrylics- and portrait painting techniqes.

GS Music Center - Children's Clothing.

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