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drawing pencils An artist without art supplies would be like carpenter without a hammer. We all need art supplies to create the art we love so much. What's wrong with a generic pencil or a pen you ask? While these are great tools for you to start developing you artist abilities, once you become a better artist, you will want to upgrade and get some real tools to make you art even better.

I did not realize the difference a pencil could make on my artist work. The different levels of softness will help you to better sketch and detail your artwork and spend less time erasing dark lines. Even colored pencils make a difference.

So you are thinking that you probably can not afford to upgrade your materials. It really does not cost a lot to upgrade especially if you shop online. A artist is only as good as the tools that they are working with. Depending on what medium you are working in, you should find supplies that help you achieve your creative goals.

Why Shop Online? - Online Art Suppllies I am a stickler for not paying more than I have to for anything. This is why I always look online for supplies. Why buy online instead of the local art store?

  • Bigger Discount on Items
  • Bigger and Better Selection of Supplies
  • Free Shipping (some Retailers)

    Remember an online store does not have to pay overhead for renting out a storefront. Because of this, the sellers are able to discount their prices. You also will find anything you are looking for online. I know I have gone into an art store in my small neighborhood and they were out of the art supplies I needed. Online retailers do not have this problem. They stock in bulk because they serve hundreds of thousands of visitors every day.

    Also, online retailers have great Sketch Sets to get your started on your way to becoming a great artist. They also have a wide variety of colored pencils to make your artwork come to life.

    What Should I Buy?

    Most beginners always wonder exactly what they should buy when they start drawing. If you are just starting out, keep it simple. A great starting is the Cretacolor Basic Drawing Set offered by Dick BLick for under $12. This comes with:

  • 1 Monolith solid pencil-size stick of pure graphite
  • 1 Nero extra-soft black drawing pencil
  • 1 black charcoal soft pencil (#1)
  • 3 chalk pencils (White, Sanguine, and Sepia)
  • 1 pastel stick (Sanguine)
  • 1 charcoal stick
  • 1 kneaded eraser
  • 1 paper blending stick

    With this kit, you can hit the ground running and start creating some great artwork.

    Dick Blick has a great selection and is THE BEST place to shop online for art supplies.

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