About Me

Hello, drawing enthusiast! Let me introduce myself a little bit.

I am the creator of this website DrawingStep.com. I have passion for drawing and anything to do with creative arts.

When I was small I used to draw almost everyday and people would always say something along this line... "You will become artist one day" ...after seeing my drawings. As I went to school I also took drawing classes three times a week as extra curricular activities. I certainly enjoyed it a lot. We used to create all sort of things, from practicing 'boring still life pencil sketches' (I am sorry if you're fan of this type of drawing, don't mean to offend anyone ^.^) to sculpturing, pleating, even embroidery, and etc.

...Well, as it turned out, I didn't quite become a professional artist by the time I finished University. Indeed I took a fashion design course and currently work as part of a design team for a leading fashion company in New Zealand.

But my love for drawing and visual arts is still as it was when I was small. That's why I created this website: to have fun drawing and share my skills and knowledge in this field with others.

If you have any questions, general advices or drawing lessons you'd like to put on 'wish list', feel free to contact me anytime.

So I hope you enjoy my website and have a lot of fun practicing your skills with my free drawing lessons! And don't forget to subscribe to and check out my drawing blog to keep updated on all newest drawing tutorials, as I put them live on this site.

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